Moose: One Cow & Two Newborn Calves!

So far, this year, I’ve seen seven moose in our neighborhood.  But tonight we something very special!

IMG_7926 Tonight I got a call from Bonnie Scharnbroich who has a sister that lives on our street.  She said there were two newborn calves who were still damp yesterday sleeping in the yard, two houses down from us.  Wow.  I’ve only seen three other moose in recent memory and ever since we’ve had the boys I have not had the time to case out any wildlife for any stretch of time to speak of.

It was time for bed so I went over there with my 70-200mm f/2.8 IS, and my 100-400mm  f/4.5-5.6 IS.  IMG_8049Sure enough there was  a very tired looking cow moose and two newborn twins there who could hardly stand up! 

They were just lying up against the alders at the edge of the lawn minding their own business.  To view them perfectly, you could just go out on the porch and look at them.

At one point, when we had about four people out on the porch and there was a bit too much talking, the moose had the hair onIMG_8039 their backs bristle up and they tried to get motivated to stand up, so we went inside. 

After seeing how calm and serene the whole thing was, I went around to the side of the house that face ours and I could hear what I thought was Holly talking to the boys out on the porch, so I got out the cell phone and invited them over.  Holly and the boys got really excited to come over, so they got on their shoes and walked down the empty lot down from the road to the porch.

IMG_8023Of course, it’s always cool to get to see newborn animals, but it’s especially cool to see them in the wild, and doubly cool to see them from the safety of a civilized porch.  We made sure not to bother them.  Any time it seemed like they were even the slightest bit bothered, we went inside and gave them some space.  Of course I couldn’t help posing the boys in a picture with them!  At two different times, the little once stretched out their legs and once it looked like the nearest one was trying to stand up.  But it was only a half-hearted attempt.

IMG_8034Here’s a shot of Mark posing for a shot backlit by the setting sun.  I like backlit shots like this.  At first he had on a huge smile, that wasn’t really a smile,  but actually an attempt at a smile, so I asked him to smile with his mouth closed.

IMG_8033To me, the mother looked pretty tired and was breathing in a rather labored fashion, in my not so humble opinion.  I think we can all cut her some slack though.  I imagine that giving birth to twins, naturally, while all alone can really take it out of you.   I suppose this is another good argument for birth control.

IMG_8059Actually, I have to admit that I know almost nothing about the proper resting breathing rate for a moose who has recently given birth to twins.  I do know that it is very common for moose to give birth to twins, and that it’s not uncommon for only one of them to live to be fully grown. John Caleb really enjoyed the evening too, although I’m not sure he understood much of what was going on.