Proper Nouns


Holly has been doing summer school with the boys at the dinner table each morning. all summer with some books she got.

P1050621Mark is doing the third grade book, Luke is doing the Kindergarten book, and John Caleb is doing a pre-school book. This morning Holly was teaching our Mark about proper nouns and how they should always be capitalized. “Proper nouns are things like the Grand Canyon, Haines, and names like Mark, or Luke.” And Luke cheerfully chimed in, “Or things like Fat Watermelon.”

I was making biscuits.

First day of Kindergarten!

Today was the big day! Margaret came over to take a few shots of us as we headed off to school on 8/30/2010. It’s about 1.25 miles to school from our little cabin.

Davis Family First day of School 031

Luke was all excited, “At school, I think I will learn many neat tricks! I will learn a lot of things. At recess, I will stay on the swing the whole time!”

It’s interesting what kids think about school. Luke is pretty sure he knows all about kindergarten, and how to find just about anything in the classroom, as he spent quite a few days there when Mark was in Kindergarten.

First day of School!

Today was the first day of school for grades 1-12. Kindergarten starts next week. Every year I try to take a photo on the first day of school. This year, I missed the walk to school, so I had to take a picture at the playground where the boys were playing.

First Day of School Picture

Here is the first picture I took. The boys waned to flex and show off their guns, but when I told them that I wasn’t going to take a picture like that right now, John Caleb started to melt into tears.

Davis Family John Plucker 052

This is the picture the boys wanted to be have taken.

I told them I’d take a ‘muscles’ photo after we shot the regular photo, and John Caleb cheered right up.

JC just learned to take off his shirt, so he’s always looking for a chance to take off the shirt, so whenever he gets the slightest bit warm, he smiles really big and says, “I’m getting hot!” to warn us that he’s his shirt is coming off!

I suppose we’re all like that when we learn a new skill, we want to show off.

Christmas Letter 2009

Here’s a link to our Christmas Letter (pdf) this year, which is actually pretty cool, if I may say so.  We had it done, printed, folded, stamped and put into envelopes (but not licked) before Thanksgiving Day.

Merry Christmas

Windows Live Skydrive: CLICK HERE

Google Docs: Christmas letter 2009

If you want a printable size document to hang on the fridge, that’s too bad, because this one is only large enough to view on the screen.

Actually, send me an email, and I’ll pop you one, if I know you, duh.  Then put us on your list and send us one too.  BAM

This was the first time I used Publisher to produce a document and did not use a template.  I recommend a book to you: The non-designer’s Design book by Robin Williams CLICK HERE!!

Mark (7) sings Silent Night

I was lying in bed this morning reading up on MS Home Server when I heard what you’re about to hear (and see) coming in from the living room.


This year in 1st grade, Mark learned the ukulele from Mr. K and Linda Moyer for 15 minutes a day in school: C, G7, F Music is pretty cool.  He’s also learning to find the songs and follow along in the songbook when we sing in church. Thanks Mr. K & Ms. Moyer, Ms. Kitayama, and Mrs. Davis.

Luke Michael starts Preschool

The other day, Luke started preschool at the Chilkat Valley Preschool.  When he came home he was very excited and had obviously had a wonderful day.  He said to Holly, “Mama, there was a new boy in school today.”

Holly said, “Oh, really?” Holly was very surprised to hear that there was a new boy, because she knows all the younger kids in town and things like this rarely get past her. “Who was it?”

Luke smiled, “The new boy was me!”

The next week, we were sitting ‘round the dinner table relaying our daily stories and I asked Luke, “Luke, what did you learn in school today?”

He frowned and looked at me, “What?” he said.

I took the more direct route, “Luke, what are the first three letters?”

Without a moment’s hesitation, he said, “L-U-K!” and smiled really big.

I was surprised and about to correct him, as everyone knows the first three letters are A-B-C, when Holly interjected quickly with her normal demeanor, “That’s exactly right, Luke, those are the first three letters of your name.

Kids are cute.