So, I shot the Swim meet…

Sunday, January 22, 2006

I shot the swim meet this past week, and boy was it an experience.  I’ve decided I need a new laptop.  My current computer is sweating under the load.

Usually, I can shoot between 500-1500 shots a week and not be pushing things very hard.  But this past weekend I shot over 6,000 pictures with my 20D.  I was away from the house, the wife, and the two kids so long that now I’m in the dog house.

I couldn’t get back to the computer until I’d gone to church, cleaned the dishes, and gone on a 2 mile walk with the family. So, once again, I’m here working on the files  And boy are there a lot of them.

There are a ton of shots here.  And a number of them are quite good–I’d say there are about 300 shots that are very, very good shots.  I will go ahead and upload most of them, however, as they tell a story. Sometimes a little splash here and there is nice to have in a scrap book.

All the pictures are supposed to be in order, sequentially, and arranged by Event.  Events with multiple heats should be on a single page.  If something ends up in the wrong spot, please let me know.

I’d like to have the time to go through all the pictures and copy all the pool-side photos to a single album so people will not have to look for candid shots in amongst the race shots.  At this time, I’m not sure if this will be possible due to the extreme size of this current job.

I’m back to work now.