My Class notes are online again! Yipee!

I guess Ken fixed my web-site a few weeks back, because the web-site he gave me a few years ago is working again!  the web page, in Internet explorer 7 anyway, looks almost exactly like the pages in OneNote that I write in class.  I host my notes and my old wedding album samples there.

CLICK HERE!! to see my notes page.  Drop me a line if you have any problems loading the page and tell me what browser you’re using, what type of connection you have, and any other pertinent information you can think of.

Notes online

The pages don’t load SUPER fast, but reasonably fast for DSL, which I have at home, and there are no click-able links plus the backgrounds with the graph paper is not visible, but hey, at least the assignment sheets are there and the problems are there worked out. Notes close-up: see below.

notes closeup

I’m just excited that the web page is good again. Students can click on their class along the top, then select either the assignment sheet or the appropriate lesson  on the right. PLUS, since the web-site was working, I was able to get a gig shooting a wedding down in Sitka in April, as Mother-of-the-Bride was able to view my album on the web-site.

50D Resolution

Having just bought a used 40D from Ron Horn, I was very interested in ‘s take on the 50D which just came out a few days ago.  They basically said to save $400 and just buy a 40D, as the 50D is not too much better than the 40D.  I am not convinced.  What I really like about the 50D is the better LCD on the the back and the advanced Liveview mode.

CLICK HERE!!  They say it’s not as impressive as it’s megapixel count would indicate.  It’s supposed to be 15MP, here’s the chart.

50D resolution

Here’s the data from the Canon 1Ds Mk II, which is 16.7 MP.

20D Resolution

I find these charts interesting, especially since I still own two 20Ds, and a 40D.  The 16.7 MP IDs Mark II, has better resolution and only slightly more pixel count, so it seems that it’s probable that the tighter pixel concentration of the 50D does reduce the overall level of resolution that makes it into the files.  It probably needs better glass than most people own to get optimum resolution.

I’m not much of a megapixel counter anyhow.  What I really want is a small camera that I can pack around a bit easier, like a canon G10 with an equivalent zoom range of 28-105mm.

What specs does your next dream camera have?  Why?

Time articles to read…

Top gadget inventions…  CLICK HERE!


#1: PEEK

To me, the “Peek” looks cool, it’s used to do email to PEEK at it.  I like the concept but don’t have a need for it over the winter–but hey, over the summer I could use it on the boat, if it’s cellular.  All it does is email, it’s not a phone or an organizer.


flip mino I also like the

#2 FLIP Mino

, the easiest, cheapest, simplest video camera, but am afraid it would not fare well in the Alaskan Darkness.




Stevens and Young embattled in Alaska: CLICK HERE!!

I think this may be the end for Stevens–but I’m not convinced any of his opponents would be more effective than he.  Actually, I’d rather like it if Congress did clean house a bit and get rid of the pork barrel politicians.  I’m not sure how I’ll vote on Tuesday.

How about you?

The potatoes turned out GREAT

Holly says…

I think it would be best to use a straight concentration of ACV to soak them in, to get them a bit more zing.  They dried out overnight and curled up as dry as can be.  I think they’d be great for dipping just about anything into, but they don’t really have that salty addictive taste that I’d like in a chip, as I had to add too much water to the ACV.


Today we shot the Mosquito Lake School shots, then I shot the Cross country Team, then shot the community photos, and then some volleyball.  It was a really busy day.

GoDaddy dot com

I saw this video today from, the company that I host my domain at, and really thought it was funny.  It requires a bit of bandwidth. To be honest, it’s a bit out on the edge, as far as parodies go.  It’s making fun of the 3rd circuit court’s decision to nix the fine CBS got for the Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction a few years back.  Perhaps I should not leave it up.

Let me know if you think it’s funny, or just inappropriate.  If you want you can skip along to about half way through the video and save some time.

Here’s a link, incase the video does not imbed.


I thought it was pretty funny.

I bought a book on how to draw cartoons…

I’m not sure if I have time to learn to draw cartoons, but I really liked the thought of drawing cartoons when we went to the Hobby Lobby in Wichita, KS.  The I bought is a nice hardbound affair, “The Beginner’s Guide to Drawing Cartoons: a step by step guide to drawing Fantastic Cartoons by: Paul B. Davies, Kevin Faeber, Terry Longhurst, and David Pattison, with text by Amanda O’Neill and seems pretty well thought out.

So, tonight, I thought I had a fire department meeting, but I didn’t, so I had the gift of an extra hour.  How often does that happen?

Not very often.  I wanted to get a set of paints and an easel, but really, when and where would I find the time?

Holly is going off cooked food so she’s busy making some Raw food treats.  Elisabet is working on photos, so I thought I’d get out my Motion Computing LE1600, fire up Art Rage 2.0, and practice on the first lesson in the book.  After 40 minutes, here’s what I I have this fish that I know how to draw. 

fish #1

Take care.  Perhaps I’ll do another one later on if there’s time.

Lisa Murkowski visits Haines (for the Beer Festival)!

On Friday, the last day of school, I was surprised when someone walked down the hall saying that Lisa Murkowski was touring the new school with Mayor Fred Shields. 

IMG_5160 cropedAt first, I wasn’t going to stop cleaning up my desk and just poo poo the whole ‘famous politician comes to town’ thing, but then I thought to myself, “Hey I’m a photographer.  I wonder if anyone is even taking pictures?  Well, if there is someone taking pictures, I can probably take better pictures with my equipment than they can with theirs.”

So off I went to find Fred and Lisa.  Of course it was easy to find them, as Fred was in fine form with his gregarious personality kicked up high after his recent moves in the assembly and securing a new city manager.  We thanked her for he votes on the safe school act and also on the waiver of ultra smalls schools needing their teachers to be highly qualified in all areas. There really is no way that schools like Stebens or Mountain Village can affordably hire 4-5 high school teachers that are highly qualified in each subject to teach under 30 kids, and there’s no reasonable way to expect a single teacher (that is teaching there for a few years) there to get highly qualified in every subject.  It’s often easier to just move to a bigger city than it is to pick up multiple certificates.

Anyhow…  I was surprised that she remembered me from her last visit.  She said, I remember you from before.  I frankly don’t remember meeting her last time, but people like her have a way of remembering people like me.  I was holding my camera with the flash mounted and the fongosphere installed and looking conspicuous, so I could see how someone would recognize that.

At first I tried to find something intelligent to say, but then realized quickly as I sifted through my memories that I have absolutely no idea what’s going on on the national level with education or politics, what kind of votes she’s made, or where she stands on any of the major wedge issues etc.  I did notice the recent check I got from the treasury and also the battle the dems are having for the presidential nomination.

So I started to focus on getting a good shot.  At first it was tough finding a good shot, because she was walking through darkened halls and there were no kids around, just teachers and they were almost in their work clothes.  But then Ashley invited her to throw the opening pitch in the first little league game and I knew I had my shot there.