Put on your warm boots…

This morning we were going through our new morning routine which includes all of the family walking 1.25 miles with me to school and leaving at 7:30 AM so that we can arrive 5-10 minutes early when I had an interesting exchange with the two year old, John Caleb.

Of course there are a number of difficulties with a routine like this: prime among them is getting all the boys out of bed, dressed, fed, into their snowsuits, boots, gloves, and hats along with the occasional diaper change.  Keep in mind that the boys are ages 7, 4, and 2. It is dark and cold this time of year.

This morning there was a rash of boys wanting to wear their lightweight summer boots instead of their heavy warm winter boots. John Caleb, the two year old, in particular wanted to wear his smaller boots and was wearing them in the foyer waiting for the door to be opened so he could begin the journey to school

I said to him, “John Caleb, you need to put on your other boots.”


I started walking towards him, “John Caleb, those boots are too cold for winter.”

He said, “No.  I want these boots,” and started backing away from me, avoiding eye contact.

He was not far away so I reached him in a couple steps. I picked him up by the midsection and started pulling off his boots.

Rather intensely, he said, “No. No. No. I want THOSE boots!” and pointed to them as I held them together and dropped them to the floor. I set him down facing me and put his winter boots in the proper donning position with the right and left boots aligned so that the feet can slide in properly.

He stood there and looked at me.  I was at eye level with him. He pointed over at the uninsulated boots.  “No. I want those boots.” He stomped on the ground and frowned at me.

I put my hands on his shoulders to stabilize him so he could balance on his left foot to insert his right foot.  He looked down at the boots, grabbed my arms, lifted up his left foot, and leaned to the right.

“Okay.” He said, then he put pointed his toe and put his foot into the boot.

Then he added, “But next time, I’m goin’ to be angry.”