Plucker’s Last Trip with Greta

This week, Bob and Margaret sold the 34’ sailboat Greta to a dude in Juneau. He’s going to sail the boat and live aboard. The weather was moderate in the Northern Lynn Canal, but mild in the Southern Lynn Canal where these pictures were taken.


Left to right, we have John, Elina, Margaret, and Bob as they motored past the Windbreaker while we were fishing on July 15 south of Map Island. Actually, the crew was pretty brave to leave home, as the weather forecast was for 30 know winds and seas of six feet.


It was a sad trip in some ways: the end of an era, no more boat, the last trip, etc.


But in many ways, it was a relief and the end of an eleven month process. it was nice to have John along to steer through the gillnet fleet as well.

He Turns Three!

Two birthdays today: John Caleb turned 3 and John Charles (the oldest of my sibling’s offspring, so the oldest 1st cousin of the boys) turned 13. John Charles was up in Anchorage at the ACS tournament wrestling at 130 pounds.


We asked J.C. (Jaysee) who he wanted to have at his birthday party and he said, “I want to have Blackie, and Papa, and Mama, and Daddy, and Uncle John, and Mark, and Luke… But Uncle John is working in Norway… He is working, isn’t he?”


We got him a sword and shield of his own (by Schylling, made of wood, and highly recommended), so he could fight with his brothers. Blackie made the pumpkin spice cake, which was pretty good, but not as good as carrot cake. JC LOVES his superman shirts, and you can see him here wearing what must be Luke’s shirt. Sadly, we rarely find Superman shirts when we go to stores, they usually have some other shirt like a CARS shirt, or some horrible creature that I think is cool, but Holly disapproves of.

I suppose that later on when JC is in school, he’ll insist on having parties with lots of kids so he can get more presents, but he was really happy just being with family.

If you look closely, you can see my pride and  joy—the ten foot (diagonal) 16×9 projector screen that pulls down right in front of the picture window. Of course I say that with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek. PLUS–Still no projector. Haven’t used it yet. Stay tuned.