Lighting of the Library!


IMG_2925This was the first time in the last three years we’ve been in Haines for the Lighting of the Library. We’ve been in  Sitka with aunts, uncles and cousins for the last few years, so we’ve not been able to attend. I suppose, if I can’t be with family the Lighting of the Library is a GREAT place to be on the day after Thanksgiving.

This year, there seemed to be a red and green theme with a whole lot of hand-made quilts. We were even able to donate the use of our christmas quilt which was a gift from Grandma Scott. It was hung right next to the tree in what seemed like a place of honor. You can barely see it in the upper right hand portion of the photo with the tree all lit-up.

IMG_2950Of course, if you’re in Haines for the Thanksgiving, and are at all associated with the library, you simply must go to the lighting.

Frankie Jones is the creative force behind the Lighting of the Library and is assisted for weeks by many dedicated volunteers who make the whole event a huge success. In this photo, they’re the proud grand-parents of Kendra and Alex’s first born child, whose name slips my mind. That’s the way my mind is. I’ll remember his name when he starts learning algebra.


Mark’s ring bearer tuxedo arrived on Wednesday, two days before the big event and Luke and JC were able to wear the tuxedos from previous years.

IMG_2987 edit

We had a fun dime getting the tuxes out of their little clear plastic bags in the boy’s room closet where they’ve been stored and dressing them up. The new tux doesn’t match, because I’d forgotten to order one with tails and a vest, but it still blends in pretty well to those who don’t pay attention to fine detail. Mark’s tux is probably big enough to use next year and will fit better then too, Luke’s fit just right.


At our house, we almost never have juice, so the boys kept going back to the lemonade “samovar.” It’s a good thing the spigot was placed well back on the table, or they may have just put their little mouths underneath it.


As in past years, Holly played the pied piper in the kids room with all the kids, reading songs and singing books, while I lurked around in the shadows looking for good pictures.


The Haines Acapella Women’s Chorus sang the special music and also were prominent in the sing-along time-directed by Nancy Nash. In the photo above, I turned off the flash: ISO 3200, 1/5, f/2.8. It really gives the tree a heavenly glow, Holly says.