Black Out!

Life’s events continue to keep us on our toes.  Especially the utilities.

Tonight while I was at the men of note rehearsal with Bob, Gary L, Dwight N., Bud B., the butcher Simon and his boys, and Jeff S.  when at 6:50 PM, or there about, the lights started to get dimmer and dimmer and dimmer, then shut off.

It was the strangest power outage I’ve seen here. 

We all agreed that the power outage was very bad for things, the way the voltage dropped off like that seemed really bad.  We all got out our cell phones and head lamp light sources and sang on through the song we’d been singing then dismissed five minutes early to go home prepare for the long dark night.

When I got home, the three boys were hopping around the living room all excited and still wet from the tub, Holly was carrying the flashlight and John Caleb was holding out his hand and screaming his lungs out trying to convince her that he needed to have the lone flashlight.

In short order, I found the candles out in the utility room and lit up the corners dimly while Holly told the story of Job to the boys as a good-night story.  Regrettably, the UPS on the alarm clock started chirping to tell us that the power was out (why is that a good feature again?), so the boys did not go to sleep immediately. 

It is now 8:32 PM, 2.5 hours after the power failure and there is not a light on in town anywhere, which makes this, by far, the worst power outage since I’ve lived in Haines.

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