Mark, Lensie, Royal, Patrick, & Holden’s album is done

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to blog.  Sorry about that.  I’ve been busy, and I don’t have internet on the boat–which is about the only place I have time to write.

The Wedding at Paradise cove was very fun to shoot.  All-in-all, I shot probably 2200 pictures during the three days.  I had a lot of fun shooting until the actual day of the wedding, when I got dehydrated and weak.  It was still fun, and I didn’t realize how worn out I was getting or how little I’d drank until I got home that night–took me two days to get my energy back.

But the wedding was fun. And I think I achieved my goal.  I went into the wedding wanting to make Mark and Lenise a wedding album that they would want to have and cherish for many, many years, an album that could be put on the coffee table at first, then shown to the little one as he got older and tell him about the day mommy and daddy got married, and look at the pictures in the album.

I love to do the albums.  The more I shoot, the more I visualize how I want the photos to appear on the page in its final form.  I shoot some basic types of shots: detail shots, portraits with smiling faces, candid’s with natural faces, serious or laughing faces, environmental shots which show the overall conditions of either the building interior or the weather and scenery, actions shots, pictures that show progression of the day or the event (this was the beginning, this was the meal, this was the end of the celebration, etc.), crowd shots, shots where one set of people is looking at another set of people (crowd vs. actors for instance). 

While I’m shooting, I visualize which of these I want.  What I’m not good at yet is knowing beforehand whether I’ll need or want a vertical or a horizontal of every shots.  Some are obvious, a group shot of people is almost always going to be a horizontal, a single portrait shot is most commonly going to be a vertical.  But there are a lot of other types of shots.  So on many photos, I try to take them in both formats. 

Enough about the album.  If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a link to the album.  Please check it out and leave me some feedback or drop me an email.

I could write about the last three weeks of king fishing down in Taku, or getting the nets ready, or the boat, but that’s not really what’s on my heart.  Although my ‘baby’ hands, as Greg Bigsby calls them are a bit sore and torn up.

The boys have been very fun to hang out with these last few weeks.  I’ve had quite a bit of time at home lately and they’ve been out and about climbing over the lines and the mesh while we’ve been sticking corks.

–I’ve got to go because I need to read Mark Daniel his bedtime story.

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