Passport photos take three.

I wanted to get this skill down, so we went at it again.

IMG_2771Passport Luke 3 This time I was determined to get the exposure on the background even and white.  I got out my 550EX and set it to slave mode and put it on a light-stand behind the subject, then got out my 580EXII and set it to Master mode and made a few test shots.

The first problem was that the slave did not seem to register the signal from the master flash, so I set up a reflector off to the side to send the signal directly to the slave.  I did not want to get out the pocket wizards, although I was prepared to get out the WL strobes if I had to.

My initial plan was to use a translucent white background with a strobe behind it for the even lighting.  But then I realized all I really needed was a single flash behind the subject’s head aimed at any sort of white, matte finished white wall.

As you can see, the wall is evenly lit and white. 

I’ve got it down now.  And would feel comfortable taking anyone’s passport photo.

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