Annual Eagle Release

IMG_0560 Today was a wonderful day, as all the days have been lately.  I seem to have found some much prayed for peace around the older two boys lately and around the home in general.  We lolled about in bed until about 6:15 AM then got up and ate breakfast: cold oatmeal mixed with granola for the boys and me.

The the older two boys and I then wrestled on the bed for a while to work off some restless energy. 

And then it was time for feats of strength and balance in the living room.  Holly was the base while the older two boys took turns standing up on her upturned feet while she lay on her back.  It was quite a sight.

IMG_0577 Today was the day for the Eagle Release in this year’s American Bald Eagle Festival.  Ron said it would be a load off of him if I went and shot the release at 1:30 PM at 19 mile Haines Highway, so I said I’d shoot it.  I’d wanted to go out there with the photography class, but they all said they’d be busy Saturday with other previous commitments.  I didn’t think Holly and the boys would be interested in going since it was set to occur right during Luke’s nap which usually occurs right after lunch.  But they all got really clingy as I was checking my batteries and unpacking my winter gear for the year, so I agreed to take them along.

Here is my favorite Release shot of the day.  It’s got the eagle tack sharp flying right over my head, virtually, with the people also visible along the bottom of the frame.  It really helped to have the 40D on the 17-55mm f/2.8 IS, as it shoots 6.5 fps and caught the wings right at their prettiest: ISO 500, 1/400, f/10.IMG_0672

Before we left, we had to get drop off some donations for the Salvation Army and get the sale Items at IMG_0624Olerud’s and IGA, plus get the flash lights off the gill netter and return the life-ring buoy.  At Salvation Army, I found a real rugged snow suit for Mark Daniel that is just his right size now, but perhaps a bit too snug–it does, however, fit him much better than his old snowsuit which is a size 3T if memory serves.  This new one is actually a size 3T-5T, and is marketed as size 4T.  The picture above is Mark sledding down a minor slope on his back with the new snowsuit–an activity that really gives your back a chill if you don’t have a snowsuit on, generally.  I’m not sure how Luke ended up with no mittens or gloves

IMG_0611I really wanted to take the new (to us) SUV/minivan, the Mazda MPV, which recently had it’s front window fixed, to see how it handled on the road but when crunch time came, there just wasn’t time to get the kid’s seats all moved over to the other vehicle so we took the Subaru instead.  Bummer.

Of course the Brenan Whitermore was out there selling hot chocolate again this year, so we bought a couple of half full cups, one for each boy.

IMG_0744 The people in charge do a really great job.  This year the auction went two ways.  There were two women that both wanted to release the eagle and each was willing to pay $500, so they changed the release so that both got to release an eagle for $500 each.  It was a glorious day for it with the sun peaking over the Chilkat Range nice cool temperatures and virtually no wind to speak of.   Also, this year, there were no times when the eagles were tossed into the air.  They were just released from their dog cages in a nice civilized manner.  Only one of the eagles, the first one, flew off and landed in the river.

IMG_9873 (2)

On the way home, two of the boys fell asleep, but they promptly woke up as soon as we arrived.  Tonight, we splurged and ate Digiorno Pizzas with salad.  I hope your day went as well as ours.

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