Happy 16th Birthday, Elisabet!

Yesterday we had three birthday parties for Elisabet.

IMG_9825 First, at the August monthly potluck dinner in the church basement we (Holly) made a cake and taught everyone to sing Happy Birthday in Spanish (Castilian version), which goes like this: 

IMG_9833Cumpleaños feliz
Cumpleaños feliz
Te deseamos todos
Cumpleaños feliz

The emphasis goes like this, where the capital bold letters are:

CumpleA_Ños_ Fe_Liz_
CumpleA_Ños_ Fe_Liz_
Te deSe_A_Mos_ To_Dos_
CumpleA_Ños_ Fe_Liz_

Which is rather different than I would think it would have been, as we never get to say ‘Elisabet’ in there like we do in English.  But Holly wrote it out phonetically for the congregation, and I must say, it sounded amazingly good.

Then, I went to work on the boat while the boys took a nap and Elisabet had some quiet time and Holly and Mark read books.  I’d been planning to go out and put the boat through its paces, as we haven’t really done any sea trials yet and we’re not sure how it will run at this point.  Perhaps it will need some additional alignment work, and perhaps it will not cool properly.  The previous engine had overheating problems, but they may have been linked to the installation more than I’d have liked.

IMG_9823 Then we had a meal at the Green’s house: Halibut Tacos, which were excellent.  The halibut was sliced up really small and fried.  Holly assembled a cake that Margaret made that was a lemon cream cake while I put all three boys to sleep–usually this is a very difficult task for me, but this time I did it quickly and easily, although it did take me three times to put John Caleb down successfully.  This picture above was actually taken on Saturday at a wedding reception at the Klondike, where Josie & Craig finished up their wedding celebration with a potluck dinner, live bluegrass music, and dancing.

Then Elisabet went to the Youth Group for a few hours to spend some time with kids nearer her own age where Holly made a Peanut Butter Silk (chocolate peanut butter cake with nuts).   After the Youth Group meeting with Mark and Frankie Jones, Abby and Marnie asked if she wanted to go to Abby’s house for a sleep-over.

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  1. Hey, Matt! Just catching up on some of your blog. Sounds like a fun idea to have a blog. I keep a journal sometimes for the same reason you have a blog. Plus, it makes me feel like someone is listening to my stories, even though in a journal no one really reads them unless I read it to them. 🙂 I’m really enjoying your writings and the pictures. Sounds like it will be fun having Elizabet around. Take care!

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